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"Dick is truly great at removing creases, wrinkles and stains from any card. Honest, friendly and very affordable, he has always provided me excellent results in improving the eye appeal of any card I have sent to him."

In February (2014) I had read a blog about "Gone With The Stain" and Dick's experience working with sports cards. I had recently purchased a recently purchased a complete 1939 African Tobacco World of Sport Album, which featured the likes of Babe Ruth, Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, W.T. Tilden, etc...the only problem was that the cards had been glued to an album. I contacted Dick and after our conversation decided to send him the album. I have to admit I was s bit skeptical, but the results blew me away. He was able to remove the cards from the album with ease and ALL traces of glue that had once been applied. When I got the cards back, I was literally awestruck and could not believe my eyes. The cards looked phenomenal, as though they had never been glued. I couldn't be happier with his work. He is amazing at what he does. I highly recommend him.

Todd F.

"Dick did an excellent job removing 1949 baseball cards that were glued to an album. Cards came back graded with better than expected grades. Dick will surely get my repeat business. Thanks"



"I had Dick work on removing  60-70 cards from a group 0f 1920''s era scrap book pages. After sending them for evaluation, he was able to remove them all, without additional damage, and no evidence they were ever glued in!! Amazing, affordable work. Anyone in this situation, I would strongly advise you to seek out Mr. Towle's assistance." 
Brandon – St. Louis, MO


"Over the past several years, I have regularly use Richard Towle for collectibles. His work is reliable, reasonable and above all he is very prompt and honest. Every experience I have had has been completely professional and I will continue to count on Richard for the future. " 
John Y.

"Dick is a genius at removing adhesives from cards-glue and album residue disappear, returning the card to it's original state. He is very meticulous at what he does."

Mike – PA


"Need a stain, a mark ,a crease or some glue removed from your card? Then Dick is the man for your job. However, do not ask Dick to trim, shave or add paper to your card-his integrity will not allow it. He is not a magician, but he can certainly restore the eye appeal. He has certainly helped my collection. For the past 10+ years, I have turned to Dick." 


"The level of Dick's work is just amazing! He was able to remove spider wrinkles from my card with no evidence of them having ever been there in the first place! I was blown away!"

Robert W. – NC