Our business received a telephone call in April 2011 from a gentleman in Michigan. He said his auctioneer read the article in the SCD regarding our business and the ability to remove cards from albums.

He contacted us and proceeded to tell us his story. After his mother passed away he and his wife were going through her storage trunks to sort out there contents for family members and estate sale. At the bottom of one of the trunks was his 59 year old baseball card album that he had put together at the age of 10, and there it was!  The 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card that he took out of a pack and pasted into this album, along with all the high number 52 series.

We said we were confident that we could remove all of these cards. We did!


The rest is " History".

The above photo is the Mantle card glued in with contact cement. The pictures below are of the Mantle after it was removed and graded a 80 by SGC.

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